Thursday, June 28, 2012

So This Crazy Journey Begins....With an Intro and TWO FREEBIES!

Hello all...I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  So for the first month of my summer vacation, I have been blog stalking.  And when I say blog stalking...I mean it.  I never knew all of the great resources out there for teacher that others are willing to share.  Now I know that you may be thinking, "What, you don't share?"  I share all the time with a few of my undergrad classmates, my co-workers and even with teacher I meet at workshops.  And it hit me that maybe I should expand my sharing (mom always said it was nice to share) to others, as well as connect and learn in the process.  So here's the blog.  It's a win, win!

Now I am not perfect by any means.  I am still learning, but throughout my first year (which was last year), I learned so much.  It was an up and down roller coaster.   I work at a Title I school where over 90% of our students are on free lunch.  Now I am not saying this to get your pity....I LOVE IT!  I wouldn't be anywhere else right now and I MEAN THAT!  I love when my students learn and want to be more than what they see around them and that makes all the added stress worthwhile.  This is my second year and I am so EXCITED.  More excited than my first year...maybe because last year I was stressing...first year teacher jitters!  Well, I am excited about sharing many ideas and resources.  I have completely transformed my teaching style this year, well not completely...but I will be implementing workshops in every subject I teach.  It is so much work planning and preparing for these workshops, but I know my students will gain more from it.  So stick around for that.

So I wanted to start off by sharing two wonderful freebies with you all out here in blog world.  The first on is the mania we call BOGGLE.  I created this because I couldn't find one that matched my color scheme.  So dots and colors had to be made.  :-)  With this freebie you get the title, two recording sheets, letters and blank sheets.  Enjoy.  To grab this, just click the picture below.

My next freebie, I so cannot take credit for.  This game was actually adapted from the ever great math game floating around, "Math It UP!". (check out the creator Live, Laugh, and Love to Learn).  I wanted to do this game, but wanted to use it with more basic math skills and not have to change out the title every time.  So, I made interchangeable header cards and gave the game a general name, "Math It UP!"  So now I can just change the header for the skill I want my students to work on.  This game includes title, four headers (addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division), numbers cards (1-99), blank cards, and recording sheet.  To grab this game, just click on the picture below.

 Hope you enjoy both of the games and be sure to follow my blog.  I have many ideas to share and can't wait to share them with you!  And don't forget to Button Up! (grab my button)